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iTrader - Order Processing Systems
Customer Enquiry, Photo Offer /Quotation, SC, PI, P/O, Invoice, Packing List, Debit Note, Credit Note, Shipping, CRM, etc.
iManufactory - Manufacturing Systems
Order Processing System, Manufacturing Order, Job Order, BOM, MRP, CRP, Production Plan, Inventory Control, Production Payroll, etc.
iFinance - Financial Systems
Customer Leger, Supplier Leger, General Leger, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, T/B, Cashflow, etc.
iAnalyzer - Analysis System for CEO
Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Shipment Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Forecast Analysis, Stock level analysis, Business Analysis, etc.
iGlobalPortal - Global Portal Systems
The web portal for Vendor, Buyer, QC company and Marketing Company.
Auto E-Mail Alert - Order / Shipment Reminder
To automatically remind factory for shipment, customer for payment, warehouse for reorder level, etc.
EDI Link - Link with global buyers
Link with your global buyers/vendors such as Target, Wal-Mart, Wool worths, JC Penny, Best Buy, etc.
EAI Link - Link with business partners
Link with SAP system and the systems for Carrefour, BCBG group or your business partners, etc.
Human Resources Management (HRM)
To provide employee management and the related payroll management.
Project Development Management (PDM)
To Handle Internal and client projects, Centralize internal communication, Upload and share files, etc.
iShop - For retail and distributors
POS system for salesperson to enquire the price, stock, daily sales, etc.
CRM - Business Activities Monitoring
For any business activity, which are related to customers namely, marketing, sales, customer service and field support, etc.

HRM – Human Resource Management System

WorldOffices HRM is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management solution that gives organizations like yours the tools needed to manage the most important asset: your people.

The solution provides the capabilities of employee management and the related payroll management. You can enquire/update/edit employee details, calculate the employee salary, record the status of salary payment and the details of the salary (e.g. travel, commission, allowance).

You are expected to look into following potential benefit of the system:
  • Personal & Correspondence Details:
    • Career History,
    • Education Background,
    • Language and Skill,
  • Payment & Provident Fund Details, Leave Details,
  • Training history, Family details, Job promotion history, Award/Punishment history,
  • Staff Attendance Report/history: Salary, Commission, Annual Bonus, New Year's bonus etc.
  • HRM capability of automating the difficult and time consuming process of administering staff.
  • It helps you attract, retain, and motivate the best people.
  • Track employees throughout the entire employment cycles via a streamlined automated Workflow process.
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